• Course Fees 25,000/- *Inclusive of GST
  • Course Duration 1 Month
  • Teaching Hours 30 Hours
  • Batch Saturdays and Sundays

Steve Jobs in an interview said “There is just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.

We live in an age where our opinions can create a significant impact on society. We have the power to create our own platform to voice our opinions through the mediums of Blogs, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Empowering you to be able to take control through content creation, editing and publishing simply by using your smartphones and cashing it monetarily is our aim. Mobile journalism isn’t literally journalism. The module is to impart theoretical & practical knowledge on content creation, shooting, video editing, content ideation, inserting still images , voice overs all on your smartphone.

Content creator for
  • Companies
  • Ad Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Professionals
  • Politicians
Running your own Social Media Channels on
  • Food Videos
  • Travel Videos
  • News Channels
  • Any area of your expertise

  • Planning a story/ What is a story
  • Gathering information
  • Writing script
  • Planning graphics/ maps/ illustration

  • Shooting tools in mobile phone / Camera lens / Sound system/ Effects
  • Use of accessories/ Selfie stick/ Tripod/ Gimbal/ Mic
  • Editing Videos/ Sound bytes/ Interviews
  • Voice Over/ Audio over laying

  • How to send videos to TV station / use of app and web
  • Creating own network/ Facebook/ YouTube/ Twitter/
  • Best use of popular apps like ShareChat, Mitron etc.
  • Monetization/Earning from digital media
Sachin sharma
8 months ago
I did mobile journalism course through digividyapeeth and its certification has helped me get two offer letters back to back.
Response from the DigiVidyapeeth 8 months ago
Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Literally everyone. In this digital age sooner or later everyone will have to go digital. A good short term online digital marketing course is just enough to make a beginning or even making a huge change in your business.

Every professional or professional organization needs to go digital today. Consider a doctor without reviews on google, or a good make-up artist, a singer, a consultant or any small business without no pages on them or no websites. You know these days nobody buys from them easily.

There are many digital marketing certification courses available in India, from recorded to online those are also live. You need to pick the right one for you. Points to remember while choosing are:
  • Recorded courses, though extremely cheap offer little value as to learn, you need to interact with your trainer, this is how we are programmed to study from our school days…right. That’s why the completion rate of these courses is abysmally low, even below 5% for some providers. So, the course must be interactive, in a classroom – real or online. Online digital marketing certification course gives you an added advantage of best trainers from across the country available on your laptop or smartphone.
  • Digital Marketing is a part of vast domain of Marketing and in this new digital age is important for all. Now, most of us are either already working or running business or have gained some or the other degree. So, focus should be on choosing a course that complements our existing professional lives. A short term online digital marketing course will do the job perfectly well.
  • Long term specialized courses should be opted by only those who have nothing else to do right now and want to try out a full-fledged career in Digital domain. Even these people can ideally start with a short term digital marketing training, assess their interest area for a super specialization and then proceed.

Yes, as a certificate of digital media marketing program is seen by employers as a candidate’s quality to keep learning and that’s a valuable thing to have in a CV/Resume.

Adding to which, if the online digital media marketing course comes from the Government Authorized Agency the value multiples manifold as this guarantees that the training company has fulfilled all the required administrative norms and thus the quality of the course is guaranteed.

Though this varies from one to other professional. As per surveys in India the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is upwards of 8 Lacs per annum with a 4 – 8 years range of experience. Variance range is Rs. 4 – 18 Lacs per annum is seen comes because of factors like certification, industry and city of occupation etc. which play an important part in deciding the salary.

However, more than the salary, with the right Digital Marketing Skills one can earn handsomely even by sitting at home by providing solutions to professionals like Doctors, Singers, Advocates, Beauticians, Gyms, Restaurants, Hotels other Retail Outlets and even the local politicians in one’s own neighborhood. Think, who doesn’t need digital presence today.

Digital marketing allows business owners to build brand awareness using online and social media channels. This is much cheaper if compared to the conventional media and it comes with the measurable results too. If this is done properly, it alone can boost the business potential manifolds.

For example, A company selling pickle in a geography of a district with the help of a dedicated salesforce and some outdoor advertising can now sell their products online to anyone in the world and that too spending much lesser, spending zero on sales force etc. Don’t believe it, try it out by searching Pickles online, or probably say Australian or South Indian or from anywhere. If you can get stuff online sitting at home, you can sell it to anyone at their home… Profits!

Digital Marketing, however strong domain it is for career potential, cannot be compared with regular university education. Each one of us have an educational background, or have experience in a domain, or have planned to get into a field already for which we need formal education or right exposure. Digital Marketing is something that complements our current education level or experiences and is meant for all. It is only digitization of what we already know and thus can’t be as expensive as University education. As an applied skill necessarily for upgrading oneself, which we might need to repeat again in future to include other developments, this can’t be costly beyond a point. To answer this specifically, it must be less than Ten (10) Thousand Rupees that too with strong certifications that are welcomed by the industry.

Basic computer and internet knowledge coupled with ambitious attitude is only what is required.

Typically, most institutions provide their own certifications, and employers these days are ok with it as it indicates a candidate’s willingness to learn. However, it is always better look for institutions who also provide certifications those are recognized by the industry, which means what industry professionals have stated that they can consider. Added ones can be those which fit into governmental parameters. This could help a candidate manifolds if she is looking to get a job.

Everyone should enroll in digital media marketing program. Yes, in this Digital Age, it is a prerequisite for success for everyone to have Digital Skills. A Students, Teachers, Businessmen, Jobseekers, Managers, Professionals like Singers, Beauticians, Doctors, Advocates, Gym instructors, Writers, Housewives, Shop-owners, those in Performing Arts, Consultants in any domain and even Politicians. Today everyone needs it. A website, social pages, online reviews, blogs penned in one’s name, followers, fans, imagine life without all this today for someone who wants to be successful.